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Group 1 : the best leisure activity

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1 Group 1 : the best leisure activity on Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:00 pm

After a weed of study , do you feel tired ? you should try to relax . there are many leisure activity like : playing sport , watching tv , reading book , .....
in my opinion , you should haging out with your friends and play sport like badmiton , volleyball ,... it help you to have good health
and get a great body or go to shopping to buy some new clothes , go to the library to reading book , you can go to milk tea shop to refresh . instead of going out , you can also stay indoor to watch tv or sitting front of the computer to listening to music , we can learn more languages such as : chinese , english , japanese,..... . or watching animation film . it help you feel more relaxed and have a better mood . so i think , leisure activity will help people have a better life . right ?

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