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Group 2: Leisure activities: Watching TV

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1 Group 2: Leisure activities: Watching TV on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:02 pm

Today, I want to talk about my leisure acitivies. I like watching TV very much and many children do, too. There are many reasons why I like it. Firstly, watching TV can help me relax when I feel tired or entertain when I bored.Secondly, Watching TV will help me know about the things happen in Vietnam through the news program. Thirdly, we can know the weather of my countries by the weather forecast on TV. We can watch animation, action film, drama or gameshow, relax. It is so fun.Besides, the program about the teacher teach math, literature on Tv will help me improve the knowledge. But there are many people say watching Tv is harmful because it cause eye-tiredness or make children not study and have health problems. But in my opinion if we know the way to watch TV and when we watch TV is suitable, you also can watch TV. Finally, watch TV so fun and have many benefits. I enjoy watching Tv so much.

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