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Group 4 : Do you like to life in the city or in the countryside ? Why

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I prefer to live in the city because I think the life in the city is more exciting and more comfortable than the life in the country. In the city there usually something to do or somewhere to go. In here there is a large access to education and there is easier to find many many food and we can have an interesting job. As for security is a safer place than a countryside. And I love the busy life in the city because i'm a dynamic person so i don't like the quiet life in the countryside. In the city there are many cinemas, supermarkets, bookstore,... So we can relaxed after the hard-working day in the school or in the company,.. And we can find anything to easilly don't like in the countryside... I like to live in the countryside very much !

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I prefer like to live in the country side to that in the city because of several reasons. The rural areas bring me the peace and comfort because in the city is do quiet. Living in the city helps me avoid the noise of vehicles and the smoke, dust from them such as motorbike, car, trucks,... So it's very good for my health. The people in the country are friendly. If you life in the urban areas you couldn't known you neighbors name's. Life in the citíes extremely stressful for us.... So it's makes me boried and lonely. In the country it have many many folk games such as : flying kites, go fishing, herding buffaloes,... So my childhood will be colourful than the childhood in the city... That's why I like living in the countryside !

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