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Life in the countryside

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1 Life in the countryside on Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:53 am

In my opinion, life in the the countryside is much more peaceful in the way that it gives people a chance to relax and feel at ease. Firstly, the air is so fresh and pure in the countryside. Besides, there are so many beautiful sceneries there such as woods, mountains, rivers, ponds and lakes... For that reason, many people choose the countryside as their tourist attraction after tiring days at work. Moreover, rural people are very friendly and hospitable. You are always welcome to their place. They make a living by farming and breeding cattle and poultry. The food there is always fresh and delicious. Lastly, life in the conutryside is very peaceful and good for our heath. If someone asks where I would rather live, my definite answer is the peaceful and happy countryside

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