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Group 1: The best leisure activity

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1 Group 1: The best leisure activity on Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:03 pm

In a busy life, finding a leisure activity is very important. According to me, listening to music is good for everyone. Firstly, it helps me know more about the foreign languages like English, Korean or Chinese. By listening to music, my English listening skills will be improved. Secondly, I can relax when I listen to my favorite songs, the melodies help me clean my head and open up my mind. So, I can fall asleep more quickly and have a nice dream. Thirdly, there are many messages that the musicians want to trasmit to us through their musical compositions. The messages are about the daily life, the love, the positive and negative sides in today's world. So, it helps everyone lives better. In conclusion, the best leisure activity is listening to music, right ?

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