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Group 3: The best leisure activities

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1 Group 3: The best leisure activities on Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:29 am

After a day of studying, do you feel tired? You should have time to relax. There are many leisure activities such as: playing sports, reading book, watching TV,...
In my opinion, the best leisure activity is listening to music. Firstly, listening to music will help us relax, make us more comfortable.You can take a rest while listening to music.Secondly, we can learn more languages such as: English, Chinese, Korean,... Listening to music help us expand our vocabulary, which is very useful for learning.Thirdly, listening to cheerful music will help you to have a better mood. Music can adjust your mood.For these reason, you should listen to music regularly. I believe this activities will be supported by your parents.

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