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Group 4: The best leisure activity

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1 Group 4: The best leisure activity on Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:02 am

After a hard-working day, people often do leisure activities to relax. So what activities should we do?
In my opinion, the best leisure activity is reading books. Firstly, books can give us more knowledge. We also use the information in books to study and do homework. Secondly, it helps us relax. There are many interesting stories in books, you will feel satisfied when you finish reading a story you like. Some funny stories can make you laugh. As everybody know, laughter is good for our health. Thirdly, reading books can improve your writing skill. If you aren't good at Literature, just read more books and you will have many new vocabularies to write an essay. For these reasons, you had better read books regularly. And I believe that your parents always support you to do this activity.

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