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1 Unit 2: LIFE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:00 am

Many people say that ''The life in the countryside is so boring.'' but i don't think so. I like living in the country side. Firstly, in the countryside there are many paddy field, grasslands and rivers so i can do many interesting things such as herding buffaloes, feed the chickens, flying in the kites and playing many traditional games with the children here. Secondly, the people in the countryside is friendly, helpful and they make every body feel happy. Besides,the scenery is so beautiful and peaceful, so you can find a quiet place to watch sunrise and sunset or watch the sky with many spakling stars. It's so great! Finally, there are not many skycrapers, many vehicle so the atmosphere is so fresh and it's good for your health. I love the countryside too much.

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